Speed Awareness Courses – worth considering for your insurance premiums!

February 10th, 2016

It can happen to the best of us, you’re late for work, there is a family emergency, or you’re just a slightly impatient driver. Speeding happens every day and is the most common thing to occur on the roads. However, if you are one the unlucky few to get caught speeding, there are consequences. Depending on the circumstances, if you meet the criteria of the option for a speed awareness course, you will be given the choice of three points and a fine or a speed awareness course and no points. Which one would you choose? Here at Safe and Sound Insurance we want you to be aware of what to expect if you go on a speed awareness course!

What happens on a speed awareness course?

Stage 1: 

The course is around four hours long and will cost you a price of £85 to attend, something which we believe is reasonable to keep your license clean! Typically, the course will start off with a refresher quiz on the Highway Code to test your knowledge and remind you of how to read the road or identify particular signs.

Stage 2: 

The next step of the course is quite a fun one and it gives you the chance to have a giggle and it’s very engaging. You will be asked to list every possible excuse that you could give for speeding, whether it is having an emergency, other road user’s or there being a zombie apocalypse. However, as the course begins to carry on, you’ll begin to think about the consequences of your actions and the situations which are out of your hands.

Stage 3:

On the course you will be given the chance to partake in “two-second test” to see how many things you can find in a picture, two seconds may seem a very short period of time however this is the average time it takes to glance from each window when driving on a road. Each scenario which you see will be different and it will keep you interested in the course and remind you again of why speeding can be so dangerous.

Stage 4: 

To finish off the session, the tutor will face you with three different circumstances of the same situation, for example driving 40mph in a 30mph zone. In one scenario, you get away with it, second, you get caught on a police camera and thirdly, you hit a child. By using these situations, it allows you to see that going on the course really isn’t that bad and is probably the best thing out of a bad situation.

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