How to cope with sickness absence in a business

November 1st, 2016

As a business, do you know how to financially deal with sickness days? Each day that is taken as a sickness absence will cost a company some amount of money that can have a direct impact on a business’s ability to function. Here at Safe and Sound, we want to make sure that you are prepared and know how to handle the knock on effect that sickness days have.

If an employee has a period of time off due to illness, this could potentially result in an overall loss of productivity within the business. This could be due to the fact that there is a large amount of pressure on employees to do the work of the person off sick. As well as this, you may have increased overtime costs, or costs arising from temporary staff that you have to employ to get the work done.

In order to prevent this happening on a regular basis, a key thing to bring in to your company could be a persistent absence procedure. This is where a business has a certain amount of days allocated to sickness and there could be consequences if this number of sick days is exceeded.

However, if a business chooses not to put an absence policy into place, they may want to consider having a review of each employee’s attendance record allowing the employee to make representations. Once this has been done, you can also tell your employee that if the absent days continue, disciplinary action may be taken.

Within each business, each relationship between employers and employees are different, therefore it is completely up to the business at hand what they choose to do in regards to their sickness policies.

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