5 top tips for landlords with student lettings

October 4th, 2016

It has come to that time of year again where students have moved in or are moving in to their new accommodation at University. Here at Safe and Sound Insurance, we wanted to give all of our landlord clients a few tips on how to keep their new tenants happy!

  • Make sure your property is equipped with enough living space for all tenants! Usually your property will have a minimum of three students living in there and this means that at least one of them will want a gathering at some point!
  • Check your tenants in – this will probably be their first time renting, and they’re likely to have tonnes of questions. Being present could pave the way for a great relationship with students and their parents (if they’re there to help with the move). If the student is a great tenant, they’re worth trying to please/keep for the duration of their time at university.
  • Prepare an information pack for them. We all know that students can be forgetful; this means that if they have an information pack to hand including which days that the bins go out, where they can find the fuse box – this could make your life a lot easier, and save lots of phone calls after you’ve checked them in!
  • However, if they seem to misplace this information pack, make sure you keep your tenants happy and help them if they ever need something!
  • Last but not least, why not take your new tenants out for a drink, this will allow you to get to know them and allow them to gain your respect.


We hope this has helped you to be prepared for your new student residents and will hopefully help you out over the year! Also, if you need any help regarding your landlord insurance or other insurance needs – do not hesitate to get in touch on; 0333 200 0096.